Small business franchisees have a lot on their plates, which makes hiring a business accountant a practical decision for long-term success and organization. At Vitale & Company LLC our Spring Lake franchise accountants are here to help you juggle the responsibilities associated with multiple back-office accounting processes and tax filing for your franchise businesses.  

Accounting Services for Franchise Business Owners

Our CPA and accounting team serves small business franchises that include restaurant chains and retail companies with customized financial solutions. We ensure that we are as flexible as possible in what we provide to your business, so we can best meet your franchise’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for monthly or quarterly services, we can suggest a frequency that matches the complexity of your business set-up. Our team takes time to understand the specific needs of your franchise business so that accounting and tax solutions are matched to your goals. 

Franchise accounting services with Vitale & Company LLC include: 

Preparation of financial statements
Planning for and filing of federal and state tax returns
Assistance with finding financing
Review of buy-sell agreements
Business valuations
Budgeting and forecasting

We can help your small business with a range of services, from routine reporting to big-picture financial management, including thinking ahead to how you can best save money and what speedbumps you may be facing in the immediate future. With this kind of advanced planning, it becomes easier to avoid simple mistakes and anticipate fluctuations that can take a toll on your profitability. Our CPA covers all bases necessary to reduce liability and support clear and accurate financial reporting. 

Tax Planning for Business Franchises

Vitale & Company LLC is dedicated to making sure you have all the tools you need for the most efficient tax filing. For our small business clients, this tax planning includes evaluation of new and emerging legislation and how it will affect your tax return. As new and applicable laws emerge, we make sure to incorporate them into your plan. Whenever possible, we notify clients of any tax opportunities they could be taking advantage of, for improved compliance and tax savings.  Whether you’ve been refurbishing one of your locations or starting new construction on a building, we make sure to keep tabs on all regulations and credits that apply to your franchise businesses.

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